Do you supply appliances?

We can provide Simple Kitchen appliance packages that you can package with your Simple Kitchens, Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry. Simple Kitchens wants to take the hustle and headache out home improvements and can help by sourcing appliances for you. Simple Kitchens is a one stop shop for all Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry requirements.

What happens if I am not happy for some reason?

The Simple Kitchens team encourage our clients to advise us if any issues arise. We want our clients to be satisfied with the service we provide. Our website has a link to our customer service team that can assist in any way possible or if you desire please contact Simple Kitchens directly on our contact number located on the Simple Kitchens Contact page. We value our clients and Simple Kitchens are constantly trying to improve or efficient and effective services to ensure our Simple Kitchens clients are extremely satisfied. We also encourage clients to post pictures on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Are you doing anything to reduce environmental impact?

Yes, Simple Kitchens are advocating to reduce our environmental impact/footprint wherever possible:
• We encourage our recommended installers to recycle our client’s old kitchens where possible, and suggest ways to possibly on-sell
the old kitchen if applicable.
• We encourage the donation of suitable old kitchens to not–for-profit organisations.
• Working with suppliers for environmentally friendly materials into the near future.
• Working on ways to recycle old Kitchen Materials to produce a new Simple Kitchens ECO-Friendly range.

How can I have my kitchen, bathroom or laundry created by Simple Kitchens?

Just bring your floor plan (if any) and visit our showroom and let us work it out for you!
The bottom line information must include the width and ceiling height of the installation area, dimensions of windows/doors, type of gas supply, locations of water supply/drain lines and electrical outlets, and the direction of exhaust duct on existing range hood. Before installation, constitution of the walls needs to be checked as well. If you have drawings of your house, please have them ready.

I’ve heard renovating can be extremely stressful and very hard to co-ordinate, how do you make it easier?

Our Simple Kitchens team will make it extremely easy for you to know exactly what is going on and when. If you have a question, you know exactly how to get in contact with our team. Simple Kitchens are the Simple Solution making your experience smooth and hassle free. Simple Kitchens are a very professional, personal and experienced kitchen company, our aim is to deliver an efficient and effective service.

Will I get a quote immediately?

If you bring your kitchen layout plan with full dimensions to our showroom, we will normally reply you with an approximate quotation on the same day. If you send us an email, we will reply with the quote in 1-3 working days under normal circumstances. However, our sales consultant are always busy with many quotes, so if we cannot reply in time, please follow up with us.

My kitchen isn’t very old, but I don’t like the colour of the doors or Benchtop, is there an option other than getting a complete new kitchen?

Yes. We can makeover your existing kitchen to make it new again. We replace all of your doors, panels, handles and benchtops, even your kitchen splashback to make your kitchen look brand new and stunning again. And the best part about a kitchen makeover is that you can have a complete new look in as little as a day.

Will we be supplied with installation drawings?

When you place your order, we will provide you with 3D and 2D graphs with full dimensions, as well as assembly instructions showing components of every cabinet units. If you need these documents before you place your order due to installation schedule constraints, you can request them to our staff. For any further information, please visit the showroom with your installer.

I am thinking of selling, is it worth investing in a new kitchen?

Yes, definitely. A new kitchen can add between 5 and 15 percent to the value of your home as 10% of $625,000 is $62,500. It is the most used room in the home and is definitely one of the most important factors when buyers are selecting a home. So don’t think of it as a cost but rather a worthwhile investment

Do you provide design and installation?

Yes. Our experienced designer will supply you with a plan, elevations and 3D pictures so that you can really see what your kitchen will look like completed with a accurate quote. Our professional installers can install the kitchen for you if you do not want to do it yourself.

Can I pay for my new kitchen with my credit card?

Yes, we accept almost all forms of payments including MasterCard, Visa, Cash or Electronic funds transfer.

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