At Simple Kitchens, we want you to have an experience that takes the headache and frustration out of updating and modernising your property, investment or home, it is really that simple. We endeavour to deliver on our Simple Kitchens methodology “Provide a Simple Solution”, in this modern age time and schedules play a major role in “day to day” life; at Simple Kitchens, we value the importance of commitments and we value our relationships with our clients, we will go above and beyond to deliver.

At Simple Kitchens, we aspire to provide a streamline with a service from the selection of your cabinetry, the ideal stone selection and we hope to provide a service that is efficient and delivers. We at Simple Kitchens hope to assist you in ascertaining your desired kitchen, without the frustration, headache and delay. We aspire not just to deliver on time but, to deliver a feeling of satisfaction & relief so our clients can focus on their next goal!


Simple Kitchens are located on the central coast of New South Wales but we are versatile and agile team committed to helping you achieve your improvement aspirations. We will provide a simple solution to your Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry needs. The Simple Kitchens Team are highly motivated and have been developing solid relationships with all of its suppliers and service providers to benefit you the client. We strive to present the best possible products and services in every new relationship developed.


The difference that Simple Kitchens provides is we understand that time can be a crucial decider when selecting a service provider, that’s why our business model is one that will deliver efficient and effective services with minimal delay. We want you to have the product ready to install within the week and not having to wait up to 8 weeks before receiving your product. We are a proudly Australian owned kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry provider and our units are pre-built, not flat packs, saving you time and money on installation.


Simple Kitchens is the Simple Solution to your Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry needs.